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“Don’t be deceived by the nCycle’s minimal aesthetic- it’s actually loaded with tons of extras & innovative features that set a new standard for future e-bikes. The design scraps the classic tubular structure for a sleeker, lightweight, hollow-bodied shell that protects the inner electric drive system.” - Yanko Design

“The concept e-bike, called the nCycle, has everything a cyclist could dream about.” - Fast Company

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Design at its limits

Design at its limits

Conceived as the ultimate expression of automotive beauty for e-bikes, the nCycle incorporates only the very essence of the vehicle itself and discards all the superfluous elements. The result of this approach is a single, continuously flowing frame which simultaneously outlines and defines the e-bike, becoming both its earthly body and spiritual essence for the human perception.

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Limitless freedom of expression is one of the achievements of design; our cars, our phones, our entire homes and offices have changed the way we feel the world, but the impact of design has proven elusive to the two wheels…

Until now!

More value, less clutter.

More value, less clutter

“We designed the nCycle with the love and passion that a bicycle gives you in mind, but we were also taking notes of all the times it makes you mad.” Remember of all the times you were riding on your sleek, elegant bicycle and had to stop and pick up a book from a friend or take with you a pack without an ugly basket or a backpack? How many times you got dirty using a chain to tie your cycle to a place or you forgot it altogether? In our vision, these and similar problems of bicycles and e-bikes needed solutions that were part of the whole design from the beginning rather than mere accessories and add-ons; solutions that are always there, work 100% of the time and yet are almost invisible and unobtrusive,… just what you would expect from a next generation e-vehicle.

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The next-gen e-vehicle, for everyone.

The next-gen e-vehicle, for everyone

Any innovation is only as big as the number of people it touches, its sheer impact in society, so building the ultimate electric vehicle would only be a design exercise if most people would not afford to buy one. What we really want to achieve with the nCycle is to create a new social icon, a vehicle that everyone can enjoy riding and using in such a scale to impact the perception of electric vehicles itself. Thanks to the innovative thinking and to our outstanding partners we are en route to complete this final and most important goal by combining brilliant engineering, state of the art prototyping and some of the most advanced and reliable components in the market..

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The sky is the limit
and we like to dream big



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At this time, we are working day and night to get the nCycle manufactured and ready for the market by 2015. If you are interested in distribution, investment, or pre-order opportunities, we would love to hear from you and work together.

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